Belt dryers from Theilen Maschinenbau

 Our Belt Dryers are convective drying systems for the especially gentle and efficient drying of a variety of bulk material.

Belt dryer from Theilen Maschinenbau

Innovative and trend-setting: Our Belt dryers.

For decades, belt dryers in air recirculation mode for the continuous desiccation of bulk material have been the first choice. The air flow acting on the large surface of many individual particles is energy efficient and moisture absorbing and the moisture within the bulk only has to pass short distances.

The product is distributed on an endless, air permeable conveyer belt and is flooded with heated air. The drying air is circulated and saturated with each pass though the product layer. A specific part of the drying air is replenished with fresh air and at the same time corresponding vapours are removed. For optimum energy efficiency the drying air is directed against the product flow.

In case a uniform treatment over the entire product layer height required, the air direction changes at least once from upstream to downstream. Often a cooling section follows. Here, the cold air passes from top to bottom through the product. The heated exhaust air can be used for the drying section. In case of very slow running processes, our belt dryers can be designed as multi-belt systems.

  • "We have more than 50 years of experience in development & construction, manufacturing & world wide installation of individual drying systems for diverse fields of application."

    Heiko Theilen - Managing Director of Theilen Maschinenbau GmbH

  • "With our process engineering Know-How, qualified employees & investment in modern production technologies we offer all services from one source."

     Gernot Ingenerf - Exclusive Sales Partner of Theilen Maschinenbau GmbH

  • Our BELT DRYERS cover a Variety of different products. In addition, we can offer required peripherals such as conveyor systems.

    Harald vor dem Berge - Material processing engineer and product manager at Theilen Maschinenbau GmbH

Chemical IndustrY

Our Belt Dryer KBS-C.

The belt dryer for the chemical sector will be specifically adapted to your product. Thought through from the insertion to the cooling section: Our customized solutions ensure high process reliability.

Food Industry:

Our Belt Dryer KBS-L.

Specific hygiene regulations or a multi-belt system construction: Our belt dryers for the food sector can be specifically customized to the characteristics of your product.

Luxury Food Industry:

Our Belt Dryer KBS-T.

The Burley toaster for the gently drying of highly sauced Burley tobacco to about 8% residual moisture with ammonia extraction and a subsequent rewetting zone.

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Benefits of our belt dryers

Modular Construction.

The sectional construction reduces the time from the project planning, via manufacturing, and finally to the installation.


Energy efficiency.

For optimum saturation of the exhaust air the airflow in the belt dryer can be adapted individually.  This is energy efficient.




Process adaptation.

Each section can be individually equipped and each parameter can be tailored exactly to your application.




Made in germany.

With over 50 years of experience in the production of belt drying systems, we are the partner you can rely on.




From the initial contact to your belt dryer

1. First contact

It all starts by talking about your requirements and with a brainstorming to ensure your project becomes a full success.

2. Configuration & Design

Our process engineers develop the perfect solution for you. At the same time we keep you constantly informed.

3. Production

During the manufacturing process we ensure at all times, that the quality and the delivery date exceed your expectations.

4. Start-up

Our experienced mechanics install your belt dryer at the location of your choice. Together we put your plant into operation.

About us

 Theilen Maschinenbau GmbH is producer of belt dryers and manufactures a broad variety of machines & plants for high demands of the food & tobacco, chemical & pharmaceutical industry.

Belt dryer for various industries.

We are Theilen Maschinenbau.

For decades, belt dryers have been a well-known drying principle and are constantly made subject to specific within various industrial sectors. These tailor-made plants are realized individually in their configuration, design, and manufacturing under competitive conditions.

We love sheet metal. Cutting sheet metal with the laser, bending sheet metal, and clinching it. These key terms play an important role in our belt dryer production, in order to realize a modern design under cost-optimized requirements.

Working with up-to-date 3D-software, our engineering and development department constantly develops and improves our products. Hence, we can produce belt dryers as well as other machines and plants in line with the market and at a reasonable price in Germany. With our procedural know-how and through the investment in a modern test unit, our belt drying systems can be construed in accordance to the process requirements.

The projects and processes are always accompanied on an eye level by a competent and reliable project management.

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Heiko Theilen

Heiko Theilen

Managing Director

Andreas Hase

Andreas Hase

Business Unit Manager Belt Dryer & Special Projects

Kaja Vogelsang

Kaja Vogelsang

Project manager

Gernot Ingenerf

Gernot Ingenerf

Consulting & Sales


Would you like to discuss your new project with us or wish a competent and detailed consultation? We are here for you and glad to be of any assistance

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